Sous Vide Infusions

Infused Products Are Everywhere.

The morning coffee, evening cocktail, aromatherapy oil, vanilla extract and so much more are all infusions.

Clean Fusion has made it possible for you to make these infused products at home, with better quality and at a fraction of the cost, using our patent-pending Clean Fusion Sous Vide method.

It’s Easier, Safer, Cheaper and it Works!

What is Sous Vide?

“Sous vide” is a French phrase that translates literally to “under vacuum”. In culinary terms, sous vide is a cooking method defined by use of a water bath, which warms food more gently, more safely and with far greater temperature control than direct heat.

Why Infuse Sous Vide with Clean Fusion?

Temperature Control

  • Increased potency
  • Less waste.


  • Can be left unattended
  • Virtually no fumes.

Ease of Use

  • Minimal Labour
  • Easy cleanup, No mess!

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