Hello world.
Shall we FLY?

Welcome to Clean Fusion DIY.

We fly HIGH with POTENT treats.

Like this delicious Canadian LATTE!

It's infused with DANDELION.

Clean Fusion DIY starts at $169! Order NOW!

Clean Fusion DIY - In Action

Psst - #HerbalSecret:
The best
EDIBLES are infused SOUS VIDE!

There's no need to spend $400 on a heat-integrated infusion machine.


Clean Fusion's custom-engineered silicone infusion tools, combined with the pinpoint temperature control of sous vide, create the most versatile herbal infusion system ever!


With Clean Fusion, you get 1.3L total infusion capacity and maximum versatility!

Clean Fusion DIY - 4:20 am

With Clean Fusion DIY, infusion is EASY!

tbd - kit outputs-3.jpg


At the dispensary, you'll pay $8 for powdered hot chocolate.


A Clean Fusion DIY hot chocolate will cost you less than a dollar.


Theirs will have very little POTENCY.


You can INFUSE with as much DANDELION as you like...

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